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Why Should I make a Will?

With a valid Will in place, you can be confident that your assets will go to the people you intended – without leaving them any unnecessary complications.

Making a Will ensures your final wishes are carried out; without a Will the law decides who gets what, and your intentions may count for nothing

  • You can choose your Executors – these are the people who carry out your wishes.
  • You can dispose of your estate in the way you wish, and safeguard your dependents.
  • If you are not married, but live with someone you may wish for your house or other items to go to them, rather than your next of kin.
  • You can appoint Guardians for young children.
  • You can give instructions about your funeral.
  • Many people are able to take advantage of tax planning to save Inheritance Tax.

Should I Change my Will?

Your assets and liabilities can change, as can the circumstances of your family. Examples include.

  • You have recently married. Your Will, will become null and void unless it was made in contemplation of the marriage.
  • Divorce, remarriage or death of beneficiaries or executors named in your Will.
  • Birth of children or grandchild for whom provision is not yet made in your current Will.

Do it yourself” Wills

Avoid the temptation. A professionally prepared Will ensures peace of mind for you and your family.

Who Keeps The Will?

We will keep it secure for you, free of charge.

Why use us?

Making a Will with us is not as costly as you may think.  Contact us on 020 8318 4345 for a quote. Our offices are located in South East London, Lewisham, Lee Green. #MakeAWill