Financial Dispute Divorce Solicitor

Financial Dispute Divorce Solicitor

During a divorce one of the biggest worries is finance. There is no set formula for division of income and assets.

Whether you can reach an agreement or not, the resolution of financial issues on divorce has two fundamental concepts at its core:

  • The need for full financial disclosure which involves each party fully disclosing their financial positions.
  • Financial arrangements should be formalised in a court order. Only then are the parties bound by the settlement.

A settlement is only very rarely affected by marital misconduct:- adultery is not a basis for increasing a financial settlement.

If an application to Court becomes necessary, we can arrange for you to be represented by some of the most experienced barristers in this specialist area of law ensuring you have the best possible outcome.

An agreement can be reached between the parties at any stage even after court proceedings have begun.

We specialise in the following areas:

Child maintenance

Financial relief

Declaration of Trusts

Maintenance pending suit

Separation agreements

Schedule 1 children Act

Trusts of Land

Family based arrangement

A family-based arrangement is a private way to sort out child maintenance.

Parents can agree how much the payments should be and when they should be made.  There’s no official paperwork and it is not legally binding however such agreements help couples work together for the benefit of the children. They are quicker and easier and allow the parties to tailor the support towards their own personal circumstances. Financial support need not just include payment of money but can include an agreement to, for example, purchase school uniform, pay school fees etc.

If you can’t agree between you can apply for a ‘statutory arrangement’.

How we can help you?

We have highly experienced solicitors who specialise in complex or high net worth cases and all our solicitors understand how to approach a case from the perspective of the bread winner and the home maker.

Call us on 020 8318 4345 to book a consultation with one of our specialist solicitors.

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