Redundancy Solicitors

What is Redundancy?

There are three main redundancy situations:

  1. Closure of the business as a whole;
  2. Closure of the particular workplace where the employee was employed; and
  3. Reduction in the size of workforce.

Redundancy Payments

An employee dismissed on the ground of redundancy is entitled to statutory redundancy pay if s/he meets the necessary eligibility requirements. These include:

  1. S/he has been employed for a continuous period of two years.
  2. S/he has been dismissed for redundancy.

Suitable alternative employment

An employee will lose their statutory redundancy pay if they unreasonably refuse an offer of suitable alternative employment.

My Redundancy Dismissal is Unfair

A dismissal for redundancy may be unfair on one of the following grounds:

  1. No genuine redundancy situation.
  2. Employer failed to consult.
  3. Employee unfairly selected.
  4. Employer failed to offer alternative employment.

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