Property predictions: What will happen to house prices in 2018?

It looked set to dominate another year in the property market, but ‘Brexit’ was overtaken in the 11th hour as the buzzword of 2017 by ‘Bitcoin’.

In September, lingerie millionaire Baroness Mone launched 150 flats in Dubai to the market for a starting price of just £100,000, then equal to 30 bitcoins. The general public later followed suit (49-year-old Sean Atkinson listed his house in Grimsby for £80,000 or £100 “plus bitcoins”) and in mid-December, a new-build house in Essex became the first property sale to be transacted in the cryptocurrency.

It was also the year that property raffles became more commonplace, prompting the Gambling Commission to issue a statement reminding homeowners of the laws of lotteries. Nonetheless, a woman who spent £20 on raffle tickets won a manor in Lancashire worth £845,000 – and the owner raised £998,500 from the raffle.

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