Immigration Costs

The quoted fees include:

    • Taking your instructions and providing advice
    • Considering documents
    • Preparing and submitting the application/appeal
    • Managing instruction and payment of third parties such as country experts, medical practitioners, and translators
    • Advising you on timelines and the outcome of any application/appeal
Type of ApplicationFixed Fees
1. Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen (Adult)£2000 – £4000
a.Non-complex case (Adult)£2000-£2500
b.Complex case (Adult)£3500-£4000
2. Registration of a Child as a British Citizen in the UK£2000 – £2500
3. Registration of a Child as a British Citizen from abroad/Application for first British Passport from the UK or abroad£3000 – £4000
a.Registration of a Child as a British Citizen from abroad£3000-£4000
b. Application for a first British Passport from the UK or from abroad (Adult or Child)£3000-£4000
4. EA (PR) + Naturalisation as British Citizen£4000
5. Applications for Permanent Residency on behalf of the European Nationals (EU complex case) and family members or retention of rights£3000 – £3500
6. Applications for Permanent Residency on behalf of the European Nationals (non complex case) and family members or retention of rights£2000 – £2500
7. Pre-Settled status or Settled status under EU Settlement Scheme (per applicant)
a. Pre-Settled/settled status (not complex)£2000-£2500
b. Pre-Settled/settled status (complex)£3500-£4000
c. Surinder Singh Application, Pre-Settled Status/Settled Status£3500-£4000
8. Application for a family permit for a spouse or dependant relatives, under EU regulations or EU Settlement Scheme£3000 – £3500
9. Applications under the Immigration Rules, including:
a. Visit visa for tourism, medical, family£2000 – £2500
b. Visit visa (complex)£3000 – £3500
c. Visa as domestic servant£2500
d. Ancestry visas£2500
e. Other Categories, such as applications on the basis of long residence, settling in the UK£4000 – £6000
10. Applications under the Immigration Rules Appendix FM: Family members
a. Leave to Enter or Remain with a partner£3500 – £4500
b. Settlement with a Partner£3500 – £4000
c. Settlement application for a child (indefinite leave to enter)£4000 – £5000
d. Leave to Enter or Remain as a Parent of a Child in the UK£3500 – £4500
e. Dependent Relative£4000 – £6000
f. Adoption/De facto entry clearance for the purpose of adoption£6000 – £7000
g.Indefinitely leave to remain as a victim of domestic violence£3000 – £4000
11. Applications under the Tier Points-Based System
Tier 1
a.Investor£6000 – £7500
b. Sole Representative£6000 – £7500
c. Entrepreneur Extension£6000 – £8000
d. Global talent£3500 – £4000
e. Settlement for the above categories£5000 – £5500
Tier 2
a.Sponsorship licence£6000 – £7000
b.Intercompany Transfer£5000 – £5500
c.Leave to enter or remain/ settlement (Main Applicant)£4500 – £5000
d.Dependents£1,000, per applicant
Tier 4
a.Tier 4 student visa  – entry clearance application as a Tier 4 (General) Student£3000 – £3500
b.Application for Extension of Tier 4 (General) Visa£3500
c.Parent of child in school (General) Visa£3000 – £4000
Tier 5
a.Tier 5 – Religious worker/Youth Mobility Scheme£3000 – £3500
12. Replace your visa with BRP£1000 – £1200

Any fixed fee arrangement is for the particular application you have instructed us on and does not include any other work you ask us to do. For example, if your application is refused and you wish to appeal the decision; you decide to make a further application or you ask us to make further representation.

Additional Information

where my fixed fee maybe higher
Where factors exist with your matter that may result in additional work, such as the need for a higher degree of attention, care, mitigation, representations, etc… this will be indicative of the hours we will need to spend on your case and may result in higher fees being charged in accordance with our hourly charge rate below.

Principal Solicitor  – Adam Sofi: £240 plus VAT

Please note that the prices quoted below do not include any disbursements payable to third parties that may be incurred on your matter.  You will be notified of such fees or anticipated fees at the start of your matter or when they arise. We handle the payment of disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smooth process. Any such fees can include the following.

 If you are subject to VAT, this will be added to the costs. VAT will be charged at the current prevailing rate which at present is 20%.

Who is responsible for my case

The work will be undertaken by Adam Sofi who is a solicitor and the Principal of this office who has over 30 years experience dealing with immigration applications, appeals and judicial review.

Initial Consultation
We offer a 1 hour initial consultation (£240.00 plus VAT).  The fixed fee consultation is important for us to understand your case and advise you as to the merits of pursuing the matter and the prospects for success, with an estimate of the costs that will be incurred.

When can i expect a decision
It is very difficult to predict how long it will take to receive a decision, this will depend very much on the type of application for example if you are an overstayer or illegal entrant. As a rough indication straightforward applications are between 1-4 months, and for an in-country appeal between 6-8 months. Timelines are currently longer following delays/backlogs due to Covid-19.