Co-habitation Agreements

What is a co-habitation agreement?

Cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights or duties to each other as those who are married

A co-habitation agreement is a document setting out how a couple intend to deal with their financial arrangements should the relationship break down.

A co-habitation agreement is much like a pre-nuptial agreement however, it does not require you to be married.


The law in England and Wales does not recognise couples living together as a legal partnership, this means that generally you do not have rights should you ever break up.

A cohabitation agreement will help you plan ahead and establish legal rights that you would not otherwise have in a separation.

Much more weight will be placed on a co-habitation agreement in resolving disputes in the following circumstances:-

  • Both parties had separate independent legal advice
  • There was full financial disclosure by both parties
  • There was no undue influence or duress and both parties had been given time to reflect on the agreement before signing
  • The agreement was fair and fully understood by the parties

How we can help?

We can draft a cohabitation agreement that is tailored to the specific needs of you and your partner.

The agreement will protect you and your partner by setting out how you wish to deal with finances should you break up.

If you would like further information or advice about co-habitation agreements please contact us by email or by telephone on 0208 318 4345